About abc Tai chi in Heacham, West Norfolk

abc tai chi, Heacham – consists of two very enthusiastic teachers of tai chi for health and wellbeing, Margaret Marciniak and Allan Howlings.

Our objective is to make tai chi accessible to all members of our community regardless of their age or physical abilities. We are also able to offer personal tai chi tuition. We live in the seaside village of Heacham, West Norfolk where the beautiful beaches and stunning sunsets offer a wonderful backdrop for practising tai chi.

*Tai Chi may be helpful for people recovering from Long Covid, please contact us for more information on this offer of complimentary Tai Chi tuition.*

We have taught tai chi and chi kung to a very diverse range of students, from young children to older adults and in schools, colleges, hospitals, secure establishments and care homes.

We have also taught water tai chi in hydrotherapy pools.

Margaret particularly enjoys teaching tai chi to young people and has taught the art in after school clubs very successfully.

Tai chi is a complete health maintenance system which works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels and is accessible to all. It helps with arthritis, balance, falls prevention, concentration, relaxation, mobility issues to name just a few of its many benefits. In fact it is a complete health maintenance system and above all it is fun to practise.

Our emphasis on teaching tai chi is to make it an enjoyable, fun and rewarding experience for all participants.

Birmingham University have recently done trials with tai chi and compared to Zumba the health benefits are similar. This was recently highlighted in the BBC 2 programme “Trust me I’m a doctor”.