Simon Hilton

Allan has the talent to get the best out of every student, no matter what their ability or age. He has a great down to earth attitude and can pitch the level and adapt to each individual student.

Karen Hilton

He was encouraging and patient and his class was engaging and addictive. He has the ability to help people achieve far beyond  what they might have imagined. He has a calm manner that puts you at your ease straight away, making his class a joy to be in.

Graeme Anderton

Allan is a brilliant teacher and person and works with every member ‘s strengths and weaknesses to get the best out of everyone.

Annie Creo (daughter)

I organised for Allan to come and run a Tai Chi session for my family for my Dad’s 95th birthday weekend celebrations when we were staying near Lyme Regis. It had the potential to be a difficult group to work with as it ranged from my energetic niece aged 9 to my 95 year old father who had never done Tai Chi before and was very keen to learn. Allan was brilliant from start to finish and enabled the whole family to get involved and get a taster for Tai Chi. My father is now totally hooked on Tai Chi and is very keen to continue with him. For me the whole experience was great, Allan was easy to arrange things with and was happy to take on board that not everyone would have the same level of interest in the group. He was able to adapt and run the session so that everyone felt included but not pressurised  into the session. His calm manner and his gentle humour worked  to make the morning fun and enjoyable and definitely a different activity for my family. Thank you Allan, we all really appreciated it.

Gillian Creo (mum)

It was a great introduction into Tai Chi, very easy to follow and I thoroughly enjoyed our session.

Leonard Creo (95 year old dad)

It was absolutely wonderful and I have been doing Tai Chi for the last two mornings since I have returned home. I have been all over the internet watching you tube and not found anyone as good as Allan. I think it’s just right for me as it includes the stretching and it is mental as well as physical. I am disappointed that I don’t live closer and I can’t carry on with him. We had such a lovely group feeling and doing it with the family was wonderful. The whole family doing it together really got to me and I have been thinking of it a lot since I got home.

As a fit 95 year old I am always working on maintaining my fitness and strength  which is why I wanted to try Tai Chi for the first time. Allan was great at pitching his teaching at the right level for me as I didn’t want to do seated Tai Chi and wanted to push myself. He was very good at explaining moves and using different words and techniques to get us to understand. He made it so easy to follow. I found that the Tai Chi contributes to a better mental condition as well as physical  condition. As I age I find that my body deteriorates a bit which I accept but I want to do something about it. So I wanted to do something to slow the decline and help me keep control over my body. I think that Tai Chi is great for young people but an absolute necessity for older people as it combines the mental aspect with the control of the body. It’s the first time I have understood about energies in our bodies and felt it and it was an  amazing experience.

Suzanne Hillier Activity coordinator Tudor Cottage Care Home, Axminster.

Thank you Allan for an inspiring, energising and fun day. The essence of Tai Chi and the Fa Soong Gong exercises were clearly demonstrated and with your guidance and sense of humour we were all able to participate with ease and confidence. We are still practising with the aid of your DVD and notes to jog our memory. I myself can feel the benefits of calmness, confidence and energy flow. It was so helpful for us to work on the postures in both seated position and then again standing. This has enabled us to adapt the postures to the needs of the residents at Tudor Cottage Care Home.

Thank you also for the morning session with our residents. They were a little anxious about coming and unsure what to expect. After an hour of working with you they were laughing and energised.
‘ When can we come again?’ they asked!

I would highly recommend Allan’s Tai Chi workshops to all .

Christopher Cole

Hi Allan.
   I would like to pass on to you and your current/ future students , indeed anyone who may be interested , in Tai Chi , the absolute benefits that I have received (having spent an intensive weekend Tai Chi coarse , at your premises in Devon).
    Having been involved with heavy construction, carving and fixing stone for the last 30 odd years, the wear and tear of repetitive strain has set of the old joint problems, with pain in my knees hips shoulders , and I am delighted to say that applying the principle’s of Tai Chi into my every day life has resulted in a remarkablechange in my Health , my mental focus ,my sleeping pattern have all benefited, and the relief of the pain !
   I must say that it was a nervous move to make at 50 odd to learn something new . but your teaching technique was light, fun, and soon the nerves disappeared
I really hope people who will look at your web site will take the opportunity to try this and see what changes it can make in their life.
    It was great fun
thank you Allan & Margaret

Umborne Ladies Social Club 

We would like to thank Allan and Maggi from abc Tai Chi for a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. Allan gave a talk explaining the health benefits of Tai Chi and demonstrated some exercises which we were all able to join in with. We learnt the art of correct breathing and discovered Tai Chi exercises can also be done from a sitting position.                                                                                                                                            We would highly recommend abc Tai Chi.

Mrs Valerie Rose

My husband and I are very impressed with the Tai Chi class in Bletchley on Thursday afternoon. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, yet it is professional and fun. Instruction is geared to all levels and the encouragement from Allan and Maggi is inspiring. We are looking forward to future sessions.

Peter Robertson
Excellent teaching and good atmosphere

Stuart Lovell
Great course really enjoyed myself, and Alan is a very good teacher, he speaks on your level and makes the course fun.

Will definately be going on from this to do more.

Highly recommended!!!

Chris McCall

My husband and I have joined the Tai chi group in Woolastone on a Friday evening. We feel relaxed and have fun doing the exercises. It is a friendly group that caters for all. We would definately recommend it as a wonderful start to the weekend. A great way to improve your fitness with super teachers.Well done Maggi and Allan. Chris & Dave McCall – Northampton

Sharon Jones
29 Nov 2008
Small and friendly group in Bletchley with the emphasis on relaxation and enjoyment. There is no pressure on competing with anyone else and members are encouraged to progress at their own pace with the aim of getting as much out of Tai Chi as they wish with the expert help of Allan and his partner Maggie.

Andy Fleming
I am attending a tai chi class with Allan and Maggie and finding it extremely beneficial. The class has a friendly atmosphere and the style of teaching is very open and relaxed – very conducive to learning tai chi.

j appleby
Suitable for all ages. Allan takes the 24 form step by step and encourages safety in practise. Gives lots of really good tips on Chi Kung too!

After taking over Lillibet House I was looking for something outside the normal chair exercises for the elderly.

Margaret kindly agreed to come along and adapt her Tai Chi to suit our client group.

The residents now look forward to Margaret coming and actively take part enjoying themselves and exercising at the same time.

I cant thank Margaret enough for her time and patience with the residents some who have advanced Dementia.


Until recently I had never done any Tai Chi in my life so I joined Maggi and Allan’s class as a complete beginner. Thanks to them I already know a few moves and am enjoying it immensely.

Because their teaching is competent and done in a friendly atmosphere, I find each lesson leaves me with a sense of satisfaction and calm.

Siven Vencatasawmy

To whom it may concern

Re Allan Howlings

28 October 2011

I have known Allan for sometimes now while he was running taichi sessions for residents in my neighbourhood. I allowed Allan to use our facilities every Monday. I have always known him to be very caring and a dedicated person as well. He is also very patient and gentle. His interpersonal skills and his love for helping people will be some of the things I will always remember. Allan was also a good friend of our Home. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone as I know that he will show the same dedication and commitment everywhere he goes.

Siven Vencatasawmy

General Manager

Ashby House