Tai Chi in Heacham, West Norfolk



Personal and small group tai chi tuition is now being offered which may be either standing or seated for the less mobile. 

Please contact us for more details.



What is Water Tai Chi?

Water tai chi is tai chi and chi kung exercises adapted to the water environment. Instead of having gravity working in one direction as for land based exercises, in water there is a three dimensional effect on the body which we fully utilise with our adapted tai chi and chi kung. It is important to use the ten principles of tai chi as a guideline therefore correct body alignment is paramount and also easier to achieve in water. It is therefore suitable for people with limited mobility.

Utilising all the principles of exercise in the water produces a full and relaxing tai chi workout, ideally suited to the rehab situation and to help relearn balance and coordination. It therefore makes exercising in the water a more interesting and fun way to keep fit and learn the art of tai chi.

The added benefit is that all the tai chi and chi kung skills learnt in the water are fully transferable to the land based versions which may be either standing or seated depending on the individual’s physical capabilities.

Tai chi is for everyone!